Friday The 13th Film Pick : The Evil Dead (1981)

October 13 2017

Friday the 13th happens to fall neatly on the month of October, also popularised as the ‘Halloween season’ in 2017. While it is sort of a bad omen to be rooting on an infamous number, the date reminded many of film critics to the classic ‘Friday The 13th’  movie with its  chainsaw massacre by Jason, the infamous masked serial killer.

Probably a little cliche to watch the movie on 13th October this week, so why not have a taste of “Evil Dead”. Not to be confused with the one on silver screen in 2016, the original film was first released in the 1981. It then has earned a cult classic status when the famed horror author of all time, Stephen King, reviewed the shoestring-budget film as “The most ferociously original horror film of 1982.” in Twilight Zone Magazine.   

Evil Dead Re-Mastered Trailer :

Here are the reasons why you need to pick up Evil Dead this Friday, October 13th :

        1.    Evil Dead Are Packed With Gore-someness

        Consider this as a warning, the goosebumps are already intense but the gore factor is just as HARD. While this were made in the early 80s, where FX are non-computerised and underdeveloped compared to today’s technology, the gore scenes could really nauseates you. In a good, horror-movie kind of way, of course. You’re ought to see it to believe it.

        2.    It Involves Friends, Remote Area & An Old Cabin

        How thrilling can it be to experience supernatural stuffs at an era where Technology of communications technology are limited and easily cut off? While you’re at it, imagine trying to just chill with friends but ended up fighting for your own life. You can only find it out in this film.

        3.    All The Classic Horror Criteria Are Here

        Spoilers-off (if you have not watched it before - just to be safe), Evil Dead will feed all of your horror needs. Supernatural incidents, unknown energy,  possession, bloody-violence, psychological stress etc. Anything that makes your skin crawls, are here to scare the heck out of you. Don’t believe us? Try giving it a go!

        4.    Highly-Relatable Main Character

        While most horror movies revolves its story around protagonists with supernatural ability, some sort of a status or at least, physically fit, the main character of Evil Dead are an ordinary guy and that will make this movie feels close to you. What is going on? What should he do? That kind of thoughts would start going through your mind as you found yourself being in his shoe.

        5.    Stephen King Are Screaming Watching It

        Stephen King was first approached by Raimi (Director) to get his quote after they saw him catching the movie screening in Cannes. That is when King said he will write a review instead and they can quote him from there. If the best in horror gave a nod, that means it must be exceptionally good so why don’t you try?

        In case of heavily spooked and gore-foundedness, head over to the video below for some trivias of Evil Dead. Its practical to know how it is made to undo all the emotions you built after watching a horror movie.  

        7 Things You (Probably) Didn't Know About The Evil Dead

        Have An Oddly Joyful Friday The 13th!