Roots & Origins : Ebbets Field Flannel

October 4 2017

Ebbets Field Flannel (EFF) is a company 30 years young, named after the Brooklyn’s stadium ‘Ebbets Field’ by its native, Jerry Cohen. Cohen had been a fan of baseball since very young, he took pride of the Brooklyn Dodgers baseball team who became the first Major League pro baseball team in 1947. Having a very deep appreciation for the wool baseball uniform at that time, Cohen collected the baseball cards to observe the uniform changes in colors and shape, instead of for the players.

In 1987, not much a fan of the polyester, Cohen went to look for classic baseball jersey vintage material for him to wear on stage with his band. At first it was just personal preferences where he customized few of his shirts. Then people grew interested on what he wore and he proceeds to buy a bolt of the dyed-in-the-wool vintage flannel one at a time. In 1988, Ebbets Field Flannel are born.

Today, Ebbets Field Flannel are well-known for its 100% handcrafted vintage flannel jerseys, jackets and caps, for its original mid-Century American athletic garment aesthetic. Among famous people who frequented the brand are Spike Lee and David Letterman while the brand are also featured in movies like "'42" the Jackie Robinson Story. EFF named their most cherished moment are when its uniforms were worn by Yankee’s legends; Yogi Berra and Whitey Ford for the closing day of the old Yankee Stadium, 21st September, 2008. Recommended Watch :

GOOD PEOPLE : JERRY COHEN from Bryan Anton on Vimeo.

Image Credits Ebbets Field Flannel Official Website