Roots & Origins : adidas Originals

July 18 2017

When a consumer buys an Original product, he is buying into over 40 years of adidas’ heritage.

Adidas Originals or appropriately stylized as ‘adidas Originals’ came a long way since the days of Trefoil Logo (three leaved plant), first introduced in 1972 for Munich Olympic Games where 1164 out of 1490 athletes bearing the sportswear logo.  

Bob Marley are one of the pioneering musician who openly dons Adidas gears, the SL 72 during the late 70s became so iconic the sneakers had to be mentioned next to his name. Moving up to the 80s, Adidas sneakers became very prominent with rap band Run DMC kicking it with laceless Superstar for statement and even had a song ‘My Adidas’ released in 1986. At the next decade, Beastie Boys also were seen religiously wearing Adidas Campus shoes and had it on for their album cover art. 

Each of the artistes had their cult following and thats how adidas became a part of the hip-hop culture. The rise of choosing adidas sportswear to represent the scene then inspired new clothing lines to mushroom at that time, proving the massive influence adidas has built in the music scene. Its during the 1990s that adidas introduced the Three Bar logo design, specifically for Adidas’ Sports Performance and the Trefoil logo are decided to be offering only heritage product that engaged with culture and lifestyle. 

In the midst of late 90s, the culture are trying to survive in hiphop and adidas are sustaining themselves to stay relevant within the new marketing venture. However, it wasn’t long until the Nu-metal bands picked up adidas sneakers and track suits to express themselves. The popularity of adidas within the new genre masses are wide that music critic coined ‘adidas bands’ name to call them collectively. 
KORN for example, had a song namely ‘A.D.I.D.A.S’ and were remarkably known for strapping Adidas shoes and full-on tracksuit.