Puma Women's Basket Heart Denim Pack - Do you

April 7 2017

After its much adored first release in November '16, Puma Basket Heart, a reinterpretation of the court classic favourite to fit the lifestyle of any athletic ladies, are releasing its Denim version this Spring/Summer '17 with three color options available, Cream, Navy and Light Blue, priced at RM 399 each. Tune how you feel that day either putting up a pretty bow or make it neatly laced up. In Crossover now until stocks last.

时尚运动品牌PUMA依然保持火焰活力, 随着他们之前Puma Basket Heart Patent Leather 黑白全球疯狂销售,"Do You"的春夏活动再次激发女性对PUMA的信心. PUMA 特邀国际模特兼女演员Cara Delevingne成为 品牌宣传大使. 她以 “ THEY FOLLOW RULES , YOU FOLLOW YOUR HEART” 来激励女性应随时保持自信并应该决定自己的命运, 从对生活的态度到日常生活个人风格. 不管是什么方面, 不要愚昧跟随他人, 找出你的自我风格, 找到真正属于你自己的东西, 才是快乐的. 这次的 Puma Basket Heart Denim牛仔布料为主, 配上极为女性气息的彩带设计,  以暮光蓝, 浅蓝和粉米色呈现而出.

这一系列Puma Basket Heart Denim 已在Crossover & DYSP by Crossover 正式发售, 零售-RM 399.00.

Available now at CROSSOVER Tebrau City, Sunway Pyramid, Mid Valley and DYSP.