Shawn Yue talk about MAD IN PROGRESS Episode 2

December 6 2016

Q1:         Do you have any specific reason on extending another collaboration with Carhartt WIP?

Feedbacks from our friends and family, supporters and network were so good and this really is the motivation behind the sequel, in the first place.

The first collaboration of Madness and Carhartt WIP last year was satisfying and brought me a lot of precious experience –one of these that I treasure most is our respect to each other during the process. And then it is the devotion and craving for quality we shared in common that lead us to a sequel opportunity.

And one very important reason not to miss - we have not done it enough! There are many interesting themes and styles I wanted to explore and work with Carhartt WIP, after the first workwear-based collection. So here it comes the season 2 with military approach.


Q2.         What details should we look into the latest collaboration of Madness x Carhartt WIP?

With a military style in mind, we picked some iconic models from the army, like the Pea Coat used by Navy and Long military jacket based on M65, and reworked our version. The jackets are really strong.

You may also spotted the use of washed cotton in this collection from T-shirts to sweatshirts,  jackets to backpack. This meant to add in a little ruggedness and authenticity to the range, and give unexpected excellent hand feel to the garments.

And not to miss out the small details, like the ‘military patches’ we put on the clothes to explain the concept behind.

Q3.         What has inspired you for the new Madness x Carhartt WIP collection?

Speaking of inspiration, I have to say I love the graphic design so much! We came up the concept based on Albert Einstein, one of the greatest man in human history as well as my favorite scientist, and his quote interpreting peace and force. Understanding to each other is all we need for a better society.


Q4.         Do you have any personal favorite item from the new collection?

The Hooded Military Sweatshirt (yes, the one with Einstein), Cropped Aviation Pants and Pea Coat. They made a perfect coordination together.   

Q5.         Please leave an exclusive message for your Malaysian fans and to your fans in general.